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Adapt or die: Quartermain Alpha improves your risk and profitability in transformation projects

As certainly as death and taxes, change is inevitable in business. Technological advances have accelerated the rate of change to the point that some describe it as an industrial revolution and companies face a tidal wave of governance, risk and compliance regulation as law makers and regulators react.

Companies who fail to transform risk loss of market share and profitability, inability to enter new markets or keep up with competitors in product development and price efficiency, or market exclusion and penalties for compliance breaches. Their future is in jeopardy.

It’s no surprise, then, that billions of dollars are spent on Transition and Transformation (T&T) projects on an annual basis. Alarmingly though, executives are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, in that they know they must implement change programmes despite knowing that most fail or are ineffective, sometimes with catastrophic consequences for shareholders, and certainly for management responsible. Why is this and what can be done about it?

T&T projects are the transformation of corporate strategy into the infrastructure and systems essential to the future of the business. To be successful, that involves a painstaking assessment and navigation of the spaghetti bowl of interconnected risks and conflicts that is far more complex and critical than in a conventional project management situation. Highly specialised skills and experience are needed to assess, understand and implement such projects if the spirit as well as the letter of C level instructions are to be respected alongside ensuring robust, practical delivery.

That’s why most T&T programs are designed by external vendors. At the same time, detailed T&T plans require a lot of preparatory work and have significant value, so would not normally be delivered before a contract has been awarded. Meanwhile vendors’ proposals are filled with assumptions and non-binding commitments that create considerable uncertainty, risks and inadequately clear specification, paving the way for problems and conflict before the contract even begins. This likelihood is enhanced because clients usually don’t have inside experience of how vendors put solutions together so don’t know what the vendor doesn’t know and needs to!

The solution is for clients to have an independent expert resource tasked to represent their interests with vendors, improving the quality of collaboration and information exchange, enabling the project to be well-specified, enhancing the probability of success and reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflict. And if disagreement does arise an independent expert who understands the situation on both sides is far more likely to successfully resolve it than anyone else.

That’s why Quartermain Alpha is sought after by clients and vendors of T&T programs alike. We provide independent end to end support with T&T programs, however large and complex. Whether helping specify and implement projects, coaching incumbent project teams, conducting health checks on projects underway, acting as a bridge between vendors and clients, or assisting when things go wrong, we’re here to help ensure your T&T projects succeed. This translates into achieving stronger more sustainable results, preserving and improving your reputation, both personally and for the company. Why unnecessarily risk any other outcome?

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Clear direction in Transition & Transformation

Our Services

Market Entry

Specialists in market entry, cross border trade and investment, Quartermain helps clients establish their footprints in foreign territories and navigate the challenges of local customs, linguistic challenges, and the sometimes bewildering array of legal and regulatory requirements.



Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Sometimes established companies enlist us to help them with setting up new entities in their own jurisdictions or abroad, or to provide support services for subsidiaries or the group as a whole. We also enjoy working with entrepreneurs establishing new entities for creative ideas.


Accounting & Taxation

Our clients include inspiring entrepreneurs and visionary leaders, technical boffins and creative talents – a diverse array of experts in their chosen fields. Many of the most successful of these share a common trait, which is the desire to focus on what they are good at and what they enjoy.



One of the most important aspects of financial planning is ensuring the security of adequate provision for retirement. That’s why Quartermain is in demand to assist leading employers establish high quality pension benefits as a distinguishing feature to help attract and retain the best staff.



Quartermain can provide insurance solutions for a wide variety of risks at the personal or commercial level selected from a wide range of providers as well as being experienced managers of investments held within investment linked insurance products and pension schemes.




Quartermain is able to help you to establish charitable trusts or foundations to exercise control and flexibility in developing interests over time as well as assisting with the strategic thinking with regard to ideas, their implementation and the support needed to run them. 






Risk Management

Whether at the individual, family or corporate level we all face risks that need managing. Whether insurance or investment related, Quartermain comprises experienced staff who are qualified to manage these risks in a positive and proactive way.






Focusing on energy, market entry and due diligence our team of consultants which includes research analysts and forensic accountants, has experience in biomass, wind and photovoltaic systems and have been involved in numerous projects around the world.