Risk Management Framework

All companies need to have a credible risk management framework (RMF) properly implemented as part of the Board’s duty of care.

Not only do listed and regulated companies have to monitor and report their risk profile and management under statutory and compliance obligations, but any enterprise serious about protecting and developing value should be able to demonstrate an RMF enshrined in their corporate DNA. It’s no coincidence that investors, as well as regulators, now routinely examine this area in due diligence checks and it affects valuations more generally.

Management must be able to show they have properly identified and assessed the risks and have gone through a series of activities to control and monitor them at every level. That means their RMF should flow through a company and be part of the corporate culture. An effective RMF directly protects tangible and intangible assets, finances, resources, and reputation through a series of principles, guidelines and frameworks facilitating identification, analysis and management of risk, through established processes.

Please refer to the example RMF Framework diagram on the right. Companies need to fully understand the true exposure of their risks. A mature RMF allows companies to balance risk and reward,. Companies with a strong RMF attract more investors, with better access to capital at lower rates and higher valuations

In our experience, implementing an RMF often improves communication across the company and enhances employee satisfaction because they know more of what is going on and are less likely to have to deal with unnecessary crises.

Example of areas covered:

  • Identification of circumstances (e.g. business model, industry considerations)
  • Impact area reviews (e.g. financial, legal, compliance, IT systems, specific assets)
  • Impact Level and Likelihood Ratings
  • Operational and reputational risk reviews
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk register
  • Elimination or reduction of identified risk
  • Risk prevention, detection, and correction process implementation
  • Transition and transformation support
  • Ongoing reviews
  • Cybersecurity, operational frameworks, health checks, asset protection analysis

Take advantage of Quartermain Alpha’s in-depth knowledge and experience of creating RMF’s and supporting their implementation, or use us to review and update them as required. Consequently the Board is empowered through clarity of their risk profile and can more efficiently manage the risks, associated capital expenditure and staff interaction to best protect the company’s value, reputation and stability.

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Specialists in market entry, cross border trade and investment, Quartermain helps clients establish their footprints in foreign territories and navigate the challenges of local customs, linguistic challenges, and the sometimes bewildering array of legal and regulatory requirements.



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Corporate Services

Sometimes established companies enlist us to help them with setting up new entities in their own jurisdictions or abroad, or to provide support services for subsidiaries or the group as a whole. We also enjoy working with entrepreneurs establishing new entities for creative ideas.


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Whether at the individual, family or corporate level we all face risks that need managing. Whether insurance or investment related, Quartermain comprises experienced staff who are qualified to manage these risks in a positive and proactive way.






Focusing on energy, market entry and due diligence our team of consultants which includes research analysts and forensic accountants, has experience in biomass, wind and photovoltaic systems and have been involved in numerous projects around the world.