Wearmouth to join Quartermain from 1st July

Hong Kong, June 17, 2015– Quartermain announced the appointment of Mark Wearmouth as Head of Pensions Administration today. Graham Cottingham, the Quartermain Chief Executive, commented:

Mark has a lot of experience and a good reputation in the industry, having held senior roles in pensions and life assurance here in Hong Kong and previously in the Isle of Man. Everyone knows him to be a trustworthy and reliable operator, and we are delighted to welcome him to the team at a critical point in our development of our retirement solutions offerings.

Wearmouth joins Quartermain from 1st July, with his appointment following soon after Quartermain Retirement Scheme’s admission to the QROPs list, and also joins the board of trustees. He was previously chief executive of two insurance companies in Hong Kong and has latterly headed up another pensions administration company in Hong Kong. He is credited for having introduced the first QROPs compliant insurance product to the market and has been closely involved with QROPs since their introduction, and international pensions more generally.

Commenting on his appointment, Wearmouth said:

I’m excited to be joining Quartermain at this time – there have been a lot of changes in the pensions space in the UK recently that affect offshore products, but more importantly there is a growing demand for well-run and properly regulated pension products in the offshore markets that are efficient and separate themselves from aggressive tax planning. Quartermain has great distribution and the management team have a good reputation and integrity, which is particularly important to me personally and for those that depend upon us for their retirement solutions.


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